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“I could never sleep as a child, and the TV used to keep me company until the early hours. So, I ended every day watching three hours of dodgy horror films and raunchy comedies. I believe that to find the best movies you have to search beyond mainstream and Hollywood.”

Date Of Birth: 22/02/1983
Favourite Films: Cemetery Man, Taxidermia, Visitor Q, The Beyond, Howl’s Moving Castle
Favourite Genres: Italian Zombie, Expressionism, Horror, Exploitation, Comedy

"I’m a vegetarian, movie and music nut who loves animals, nature, gardening, filmmaking, art, writing, and lots more. Most recently, I have started running a web-zine. Originally hailing from Plymouth, near where some of Churchill - The Hollywood Years was shot. I have rubbish tattoos and once fell, laughing, off a thirty foot cliff - and walked away undamaged."

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