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“For me, the main reason why I love foreign-language cinema is the same reason why I love cinema as a medium. Great cinema allows a director the chance to realise a vision, to create a world that can inspire, entertain, shock or scare the pants from the viewer. However, compromises need to be made in order for films to reach the cinema, and what is so great about foreign movies is that because the films are being made outside of Hollywood, less of the compromises are made with the vision of what the finished film should be. There is more imagination, more inspiration and more heart and soul in world cinema. This is where I am constantly surprised by what I see and hear.”

Date Of Birth: 19/06/1975
Favourite Films: Oldboy, Insomnia, Shogun Assassin, Zatoichi, Open Your Eyes
Favourite Genres: Martial Arts, Thriller, Sci Fi

“I spent years as an unsuccessful musician before helping friends launch the Glasgow PodcART website, which promotes lesser known artists, musicians, writers and photographers. This allowed me to fulfil my passion for film, as I now spend most of my spare time filming bands and making music videos. I have written film reviews in the past for the now defunct The-Dish website, and I also produce podcasts to promote art events, including the 2009 Glasgow International Film Festival and the GI (Glasgow International Arts Biennial).”

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