CONTRIBUTOR: Spencer Lloyd Peet

All articles/submissions end with the initials SLP.

“I love all kinds of films, but I particular enjoy world cinema because, more often than not, foreign-language films are unpredictable, and they give a wonderful insight into other cultures, which has lead me to acquire a deep respect and understanding for how other nations think and behave. And unlike many other art forms, film is a collective effort of many talented individuals resulting in various expressions within one piece of work.”

Date Of Birth: 03/02/1971
Favourite Films: Spring Summer Autumn Winter… And Spring, Fantastic Planet, Throne Of Blood, Gion Bayashi, The Vanishing
Favourite Genres: Psychological Thriller, Horror, Asian Period Drama, Martial Arts

“I'm a freelance writer and researcher, and have had various articles published on film and television, Asian culture and well-being. I am a tai-chi practitioner and like reading books on personal-development. I'm a big tea drinker, and prefer those produced in China and Japan. I like to play guitar and compose my own songs. Oh yes, I hate sharing the cinema with noisy people - there ought to be a law against it.”

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