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“Like most film fans, I was brought up on a steady diet of Hollywood. But as I got older, for the most part, I found LA’s output to be somewhat uninspiring. Then during my A Level Film Studies course, I became aware of the likes of Akira Kurasawa, Guillermo del Toro and the French New Wave. I was fascinated by how Godard and Truffaut (names I’d never heard) could have influenced Spielberg and Scorsese. From then on I was hooked, and although I can still be found queuing up for the next Transformers and Pirates Of The Caribbean; you can bet come next year it’ll be the last Amenabar or Haneke that I’ll still be talking about.”

Date Of Birth: 21/02/1983
Favourite Films: Rashomon, Let The Right One In, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Princess Mononoke, El Mariachi
Favourite Genres: Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, Crime, Film Noir

"When I’m not sitting on front of a huge screen, or annoying my friends with talk of when I was sat in front of a huge screen, I like to keep fit by running or playing Squash. I’m also a rock music fan and try to go to gigs and festivals as often as I can. I also studied Film & TV Production at university, where I realised I was far more adept at writing than I was as a visionary auteur (I prefer sitting alone in a dark room to shouting at lots of people)."

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