All articles/submissions end with the initials PK.

“I love world cinema because I find nothing more interesting than looking at the different ways that cinema has evolved throughout different countries, away from the influence of Hollywood. It is also interesting to see the array of talent that exists all over the world, in terms of writing, directing and acting. Finally, I love looking at the ways in which different cultures influence filmmaking in their respective countries.”

Date Of Birth: 16/03/1989
Favourite Films: The Orphanage, Cinema Paradiso, Hidden, Hero, Divorce - Italian Style
Favourite Genres: Horror, Drama, Sci-Fi, Film Noir, Comedy

“I have recently graduated from Glasgow University with a degree in Film and Television, and now intend to focus on my passion for the industry. As well as writing, I am also involved in making a student television series called Revision - helping out with the production, as well as acting in the show. In my spare time, I enjoy playing and watching football, and singing for my band The Silent Project.”

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