CONTRIBUTOR: Clive Somerville

All articles/submissions end with the initials CS.

“World cinema is what happens when a director allows a love of storytelling to triumph over special effects and box office takings. It’s that combination of an unfamiliar culture with emotions we can all identify with that makes world cinema so compelling.”

Date Of Birth: 17/01/1969
Favourite Films: La Piscine, Milou En Mai, 8 1/2, Pan’s Labyrinth, The Motorcycle Diaries
Favourite Genres: Surrealism, Film Noir, New Wave, Drama, Satire

“I’m a freelance journalist and broadcaster with a weakness for film and music. I write for people like the BBC, The Sunday Times, HMV and Musician magazine. Away from the day job, I play guitar then go to gigs to see how it’s done properly. On holiday abroad, I wander into cinemas and watch unsubtitled films with a bemused expression. Then I get my own back by making the locals learn cricket.”

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