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“The term ‘world cinema’ does not dictate whether a film is going to be good or not, each film must be judged on its own merits, but what you're more likely to find is a greater variety and diversity. Directors desire to sculpt pieces of art, to be noticed for their directorial flare, they want to be lauded for the way they frame their unique stories and bring the elements of their country's history and culture into their creations. Hollywood churns out films en mass in order to earn that ‘quick buck’ and has created a cinematic ‘that'll do’ culture. With foreign cinema, though, even if the film isn't up to par, you at least feel that someone has put some serious time and effort into constructing something they put their heart into, and are proud of. That resonates with me more.”

Date Of Birth: 22/07/1984
Favourite Films: Spirited Away, Oldboy, The Lives Of Others, Solaris, Pan's Labyrinth
Favourite Genres: Animation, Drama, Martial Arts, Thriller, Sci-Fi

“A graduated student of politics and international relations, I have a real desire to put my creative talents to use in writing about something I care very passionately about. I'm an avid collector of foreign language DVDs, and am a complete sucker for anything with the words ‘Collector's Edition’ on the top of it. Other than that, I am a huge music fan, listening to anything from Nick Drake through to Godspeed You Black Emperor! and I'm, surprisingly, not as enthused with fishing as my picture may elude to.”

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