NEWS: DVD Release: Titles Also Released On 28th March 2011

Durarara!!: Volume 2
The second instalment of the Japanese anime show adapted from the light novel series by Ryohgo Narita. Since moving to a new school in Ikebukuro, where he was re-acquainted with his friend, Masaomi Kida (voice of Bryce Papenbrook), Mikado Ryuugamine (Darrel Guilbeau) has encountered some strange characters living in the city. After escaping the Headless Rider, Mikado now has to deal with more supernatural beings, namely the Slasher and the Yellow Scarves gang.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Season 2 - Volume 2

The second half of the second season of the Japanese anime series set in the 24th century. It is now 2312 AD, and four years have passed since the final battle between Celestial Being and the UN Forces. Humankind has formed an elite peace-keeping force known as the A-Laws. But this new world is still riddled with corruption and conflict, and the Gundam Meisters now prepare to make their second advent and do away with global oppression once and for all.

Operation Valkyrie

German television drama based on real events that took place in 1944. Sebastian Koch stars as Lieutenant Clause von Stauffenberg, a once-idealistic German army colonel, whose exposure to the wartime atrocities of the Nazis moves him to devise a bold plot to assassinate the power-crazed Hitler (Udo Schenk). While still serving on the home front for the German army, Stauffenberg becomes the mastermind of a resistance group of high-ranking army officers who conspire to put an end to Hitler's brutal dictatorship.

Rise Of The Demon Empire

Korean martial arts romantic fantasy. Woo-sung Jung stars as Yi Gwak, a renowned demon warrior who crosses over to the half-life after being poisoned by his enemies. There he is reunited with So-hwa (Tae-hee Kim), the woman he once loved and lost - but, having become an angel, she has retained no memory of him. Will Yi Gwak be able to overcome his enemies and win his lover's heart all over again?

The Take

Political documentary directed by Avi Lewis and written by Naomi Klein. The film follows a group of 30 former employees of a now defunct factory in Argentina. Desperate for employment and frustrated by a financial system that has left workplaces across the country worthless and deserted, the workers decide to restart the factory's machines themselves and run the business as a democratic collective.

The Two Escobars

Jeff and Michael Zimbalist direct this documentary looking at the close relationship between football and criminal gangs in Colombia. In the 1990s, Pablo Escobar was the most powerful drug baron in Colombia and Andres Escobar was the country's most famous footballer. Despite having the same surname, the two were not related, but their fates were to become fatefully intertwined. It was Pablo's money that had turned Colombia's national team into South American champions, hotly tipped to win the 1994 World Cup in Los Angeles. But during the tournament, Andres scored the shocking 'own goal' that brought an end to Colombia's dream of winning the World Cup - and ultimately cost Andres his life.

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