NEWS: DVD Release: Babies

French documentary film, from director Thomas Balmes, which depicts the early lives of four young babies from around the world.

The children are followed on film for the first year of their lives, with all footage shot in their respective countries of origin.

Bayar is from Bayanchandmani (Mongolia) and Ponijao is from Opuwo (Namibia), both rural areas; Mari is from Tokyo (Japan) and Hattie is from San Francisco (USA), both urban areas. The film aims to showcase the cultural differences and connections of the world through the fresh and innocent eyes of tiny children.

Film: Babies
Release date: 28th March 2011
Certificate: U
Running time: 76 mins
Director: Thomas Balmès
Starring: N/a
Genre: Documentary
Studio: Optimum
Format: DVD
Country: France

DVD Special Features:
Presentation of the movie to families
Images of the shoot: Alain Chabat in Namibia
About the score
Interviews with Alain Chabat, Thomas Balmes and the Parents
Deleted scenes

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