subtitled is becoming the definitive source of information for English-speaking world cinema/foreign-language film fans.

With focus on what’s happening here in the UK, but still keeping a keen eye on the rest of the world, we are building a huge following internationally, promoting films, and therefore companies, that are otherwise lost in the Hollywood publicity mill which dominates the film media in the UK, and beyond.

The site has been set-up as free-to-all visitors, ensuring fans can gain the information they would otherwise struggle to find, and ensuring newcomers are not excluded from being introduced to what we feel is vital and exciting filmmaking.

We have produced this site as fans, because we have a genuine affection for filmmaking which thinks outside of the box, but, obviously, we cannot produce this site without income indefinitely, and our hope is that the companies who will benefit from this website will get behind the project and support it via advertising on the site.

Advertising will ultimately form the lifeblood to the website’s continuation, let alone the vital progress and developments we have planned, and without the support of those within the industry whose business is in foreign-language cinema, an important promotion vehicle will be lost.

We offer many cost effective opportunities for companies to promote their wares on our website, with prizes set at a bare minimum, so please get in touch via, where we will set-out clearly what options are available.

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