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“I only see film language, not film in a language. And I speak French, which helps for quite a lot of stuff. Most of al,l I love being transported by a film into another way of thinking about and experiencing the world, to understand 'the other' perspective a little better, and live accordingly.”

Date Of Birth: 28/07/1986
Favourite Films: Waiting For Happiness, La Haine, Happy Together, The Battle Of Algiers, Black Cat White Cat
Favourite Genres: Postcolonial African Cinema, Migrant Cinema, Cinema Novo, Black Comedy, Artful Thrillers

“I am a postgraduate student at the University of Leeds, studying for an MA in World Cinemas. I play classical guitar and sing in a folk and reggae band. I take part in campaigns on climate change. I am half-French.I am from Milton Keynes.”

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