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“For me, cinema is a reflection of a time and of a people. Different eras produce different cinematic trends, and different countries produce wildly diverse films. It's also interesting how cinema from different countries bleeds into and influences the rest of the world. Early surrealist and Dada cinema from Switzerland influenced the work of Robert Wiene, director of The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari, a 1920s silent film that went to become one of the most influential films in modern cinema. Likewise, Fritz Lang's Metropolis, which is responsible for 99% of science fiction produced since 1927. Cinema may have been born in the west, but the rest of the world continues to produce its most original and thought provoking contributions.”

Date Of Birth: 12/06/1984
Favourite Films: The Killer, Delicatessen, Funny Games, A Better Tomorrow, Oldboy
Favourite Genres: Action, Horror, Political Drama, Fantasy, Suspense Thriller

“An avid film enthusiast, my life at the moment is striving towards a fulfilling career in critical journalism. Although I do have a passion for original writing, I much prefer to share my thoughts on cinema with whoever wants to hear them. I am also a gamer; I like to think of myself as a gaming enthusiast because for me it isn't just a mere diversion. I believe the medium of gaming is going from strength to strength and should be held in as much cultural esteem as cinema or literature.”

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