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“With America dominating much of the film and TV available in the UK, and the London-centric focus of much of our media, I love the fact that foreign-language cinema gives us a wider perspective to that of western, English-speaking culture. It’s good for the soul to watch creative output that challenges and surprises, and European film is more likely to take risks with aesthetics and plotting, and to focus on social realism and political situations outside the too often simplistic world view of Hollywood. I’ve recently become interested in early European film, since reading about the scale of the German film industry of the 1920s, which was inevitably devastated by the rise of Nazism and the fleeing of artists and directors to Western Europe and the US. Watching German Expressionist films or early Czech animations gives an insight into a film tradition running in parallel to the American movie industry – an alternate reality to the commercialism of the more predominant film culture.”

Date Of Birth:Favourite Films: Three Colours Blue, The Orphanage, Wings Of Desire, Amélie, La Haine
Favourite Genres: Drama, Stop Motion Animation, Thriller, Film Noir, Documentary

“My interests are the arts in general, going to see live music in small and dirty venues, taking photos with my trusty non-digital camera and, of course, regular cinema trips followed by sessions debating the finer points of filmmaking today.”

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